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Smart home is spreading to new fields, what role does SMD electronic components play in it?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-20 08:46:48

Smart home is spreading to new fields, what role does SMD electronic components play in it?

IDC FutureScape's new top ten forecasts for China's smart home market in 2022 show that there will be more new fields in the smart home field in 2022, including: the smart home platform ecology will extend to the whole scene; the development of smart home application ecology The pace will be accelerated; family sports and health scenarios usher in rapid development; young user groups have spawned new demands for smart homes, etc.

In some areas, it is also consistent with the relevant content of the "2021 China Home Furnishing Industry Insights White Paper" released earlier by the giant engine. The white paper pointed out that the power of home furnishing reform, which represents the future trend, is on the rise. Over 80% of users will consider smart homes. The proportion of users' demand for home upgrades exceeds the rigid demand. Home intelligence has become the mainstream trend of consumption upgrades.智能家居

Relevant data show that between 2016 and 2020, the scale of my country's smart home market has increased from 260.85 billion yuan to 514.47 billion yuan. From smart door locks that can realize multiple unlocking of fingerprints and apps, to lights and curtains that automatically close, to sweeping robots that free their hands, the sense of technology brought by smart homes is increasingly permeating every aspect of life.

With the universal demand being met, the development of smart home is also expanding towards the whole scene and meeting individual needs. Black and white, a well-known domestic home furnishing brand, has accumulated experience in innovative integration of intelligent technology and professional ergonomic technology, and has developed and launched the Starry Sky Children's Learning Desk and Chair and E3 Ergonomic Chair to provide scientific health protection solutions for children and office workers respectively.

Driven by the catalytic development of digital technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IOT), and artificial intelligence, the public's imagination space for smart homes may further jump. In the future, as Bill Gates predicted, "a house without a smart home system will be as out-of-fashion as a house without Internet access".

As the most basic component of smart home, electronic components will play an absolute "promoter" role in this change. A foreign survey shows that in 2015, the international market share of electronic components reached 50%, and the Chinese market could reach 70%. Smart home will become the next "trillion-level" market for electronic components.

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