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Why do resistors use color circles to mark values?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-13 08:20:21

Why do resistors use color circles to mark values?

How to identify the color ring of a resistor. Commonly used resistors are divided into four-ring and five-ring resistors. They use different colors to correspond to different numbers. Combining the numbers corresponding to various colors forms the resistance value of a resistor. 1 is brown, 2 is red, 3 is orange, 4 is yellow, 5 is green, 6 is blue, 7 is purple, 8 is grey, 9 is white, and 10 is black (i.e. O). For example, the color circle shows brown, black, red, and gold, then brown represents 1, black represents 0, red represents 2, and gold represents the error value of the resistor, which means that the resistance value of the resistor is 1kΩ.0

So why are resistors marked with color rings instead of directly printing numbers on the resistors? One is to facilitate maintenance; because after the resistor is soldered to the circuit board, if the resistor is marked with a direct number, it is likely to be blocked by other components and cannot be seen clearly, and the color ring can be used to see the resistor from any angle , and you can see the color wheel from a long distance without a magnifying glass and identify the value. Another reason is that resistors are commonly used components and have a high usage rate, and every engineer has to learn the identification of resistor color rings when they start, so resistor manufacturers also follow this production process of color rings. With the rapid development of electronic technology, the size of resistors is also shrinking, and now SMD chip resistors have been widely used. The value of the resistance is directly marked on the chip resistor, and more and more product development engineers use the chip resistor directly. With the continuous improvement of the DIY level, the comprehensive popularization of chip resistors may be the future trend. At that point, new electronics hobbyists will never have to learn the color wheel again. The identification of the resistance color circle may become a memory of the past.

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