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Classification of SMD electronic components SMD

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-08-21 15:13:31

If the SMD electronic components are roughly classified according to their functions, they can be divided into SMD (passive) electronic components (devices), SMD (active) devices (including integrated circuits) and SMD Electromechanical components (devices). If they are further classified in a more detailed manner, SMD (passive) electronic components (devices) can be divided into SMD resistors, SMD capacitors, SMD inductors, SMD composite electronic components Devices and SMD sensitive components, etc.

SMD (active) devices can be divided into SMD diodes, SMD transistors, SMD integrated circuit chips, and ball grid array packaging large-scale integrated circuits, and other packaging structures suitable for surface assembly. SMD electromechanical components can be divided into SMD switches, SMD relays, SMD connectors, and thin micro motors.

If the SMD electronic components are classified according to the shape or structure, they can be divided into rectangular SMD electronic components, cylindrical SMD electronic components and special-shaped structure SMD electronic components. Most SMD electronic components use rectangular and cylindrical boxes. SMD electronic components with special-shaped structures are commonly found in SMD potentiometers, SMD electrolytic capacitors, surface mount quartz body resonators, and SMD types. SMD electronic components such as electromechanical components.

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