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What are the benefits of applying patch capacitor to electric curtains?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-19 11:38:21

Electric curtains can intelligently control the opening and closing, lifting and lowering of curtains. These are driven by the assistance of 

electronic components. So, what are the electronic components of electric curtains and what kind of patch capacitor should I choose? A lot

Electric curtain manufacturers also have a variety of choices for electronic components, and Pingshang Electronics will share this knowledge 

with you below.

First of all, starting from the type of electric curtains, there are usually electric opening and closing and electric lifting, and the other 

is electric roller blinds. Whether it is an opening and closing electric curtain or a lifting type, they all need to be started by electronic 


To the track system transmission, the electronic components of the electric curtain are selected (SMD capacitor/SMD resistor/SMD 

inductors/SMD diodes/SMD transistors) and so on. For more information, please contact Pingshang customer service

In terms of energy storage of SMD capacitor, the battery in electric curtain products is actually a kind of capacitor, which plays a role of 

charging and discharging in the circuit. It is small in size and energy-saving, even if the power fails, it can be driven by the built-in 

power supply.

For ordinary electric curtain motors, its disadvantage is noise. It is very unfriendly to some people who are sensitive to noise. Pingshang 

SMD capacitor can reduce noise and improve user experience. It should be used on electric blinds.The effect is good.

The electric curtain patch capacitor has the characteristics of small size, large torque, low noise, energy saving, etc., and the price is 

not high.

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