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Talk about tantalum capacitor, engineers’ little experience in design!

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-01 14:54:44

SMD capacitor are energy storage filter components of circuit systems, and they are widely used. R&D engineers always pay attention to some basic parameters of capacitor during project development, and select matching capacitor models according to specific conditions to achieve the best effect.

smd capacitor,tantalum capacitor

The following research discusses tantalum capacitor;

1. The medium of tantalum capacitor is tantalum material

Features: small size, large capacitor, high precision, small ESR value;

Disadvantages: high purchase cost and small withstand voltage;

2. Circuit application

The ESR value is small and the accuracy is high. The capacitor used for filtering in the DC-DC power supply circuit will be tantalum capacitor.

3. Special application

When encountering the PCB layout of components, due to the large package size of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, there may be conflicts with the structural space, so tantalum capacitor are selected.

4. Other information

The mainstream tantalum capacitor brands in the market include Kemei, AVX, Torch, Yuyang, and Sanhuan. These are widely recognized and can be selected and used in circuit design projects with peace of mind.

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