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What are the ways to judge the quality of SMD capacitor?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-08 17:06:36

1): The resistance of most small SMD capacitor is infinite, so they are replaced if they are abnormal. If the capacity becomes small and the multimeter cannot be measured, replace it directly.  

2): Use the two-pole gear of the multimeter to connect one pin to the ground, and the other pin to measure the two ends of the capacitor in turn. If both ends ring, it means the SMD capacitor is short-circuited. This method is relatively safe.  

3): The short circuit of small capacitance can be judged by online measurement with a multimeter. If it is an open circuit, because the capacity is too small, it cannot be measured with a multimeter. You can use an electric pen to connect to the 220V live wire, put the pin of the patch capacitor on the cap of the electric pen, and see if the neon bulb glows, if the light is good, otherwise it will be broken. If it is 220V, don't experiment on the board.  

4): The resistance value is infinite, the resistance value is zero and the tweets are all bad, and the others should have some small changes.

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