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In addition to traditional mobility, the development of automobiles has also been significantly improved in terms of environmental protection, safety, and comfort. With the emergence of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, the development of automobiles is also undergoing a tremendous change. The age of electronic cars has come quietly, so how to choose electronic components used in high-quality automotive products, including smd capacitor, high-voltage smd capacitor, smd resistor, smd inductor, tantalum capacitor, precision resistor, electrolytic capacitor, Zener diodes, rectifier diodes, light-emitting diodes and other electronic components. 

It plays an important and decisive role in improving the performance parameters of automotive products. The electronic components that provide support for the above development, Ping Shang, which occupies an industry leading position in automotive electronic components, has successfully developed a new series of automotive products through the use of more sophisticated new high-reliability dielectric materials and put them into mass production. It is believed that this will contribute to the future miniaturization, light weight and multi-functionality.

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