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SMD capacitor are used in the field of smart sweepers!

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-20 11:42:03

Since the development of smart homes, sweeping robots have become standard equipment in most households. Its appearance helped people free 

their hands and improved the happiness index of the family.

So most people may not know that in many sweeping robots, it uses our SMD capacitor. Its temperature characteristics and stability are good. 

It contains various temperature characteristics media from COG to Y5V, and can be used for a variety.Sweepers of different specifications are 

available for selection.

The cleaning function of the smart sweeper is very practical, and a variety of cleaning methods can meet the needs of different families. 

Designated rooms and cleaning areas can be cleaned according to needs, and restricted areas can be set to bypass areas that are not suitable 

for wet mopping such as carpets to protect household facilities.

While pursuing intelligence, the personalized configuration of the sweeping robot is also very important. It is worth mentioning that the 

choice of SMD capacitor should be based on the actual performance of the sweeper, taking into account its capacitance value range and 

temperature range, choose Pingshang Technology, one-to-one personnel will select the type for you, and help you find the electronic element 

that suits you. Device products.

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