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What is the difference between general smd capacitor and dashboard-level smd capacitor?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-03-02 10:11:27

There is no doubt that the electrical appliances in people's daily life use smd capacitor, and some people may wonder if the smd capacitor that people usually use are used in cars? In fact, the SMD capacitor used in automobiles are different from the SMD capacitor used in ordinary electrical appliances. Cars use automotive-grade smd capacitor, which are used in products such as headlights, dashboards, GPS guides, and transmission indicators. So what is the difference between automotive-grade smd capacitor and general smd capacitor?

1. The temperature cycle time of automotive-grade smd capacitor is 1000 cycle times, and the temperature cycle time of general smd capacitor is 5 cycle times. It can be seen that the service life of automotive-grade smd capacitor is 200 times higher than that of general smd capacitor.

2. The electronic devices used in automobiles have higher temperature regulations. Automotive-grade smd capacitor are often used at temperatures up to 150°C, while common smd capacitor are often used at 125°C. The detection temperature of automotive-grade smd capacitor is 85°C, and the detection temperature of general smd capacitor is 40°C. However, the temperature requirements of smd capacitor used in automobiles are relatively high, and general smd capacitor cannot consider this requirement. Therefore, general smd capacitor cannot be used in automobiles.

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