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How many types of SMD LEDs are there?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-01 09:45:53

1. According to the color of the light: red, orange, green (subdivided into yellow-green, standard green and pure green), blue light, white light, etc. In addition, some light-emitting diodes include LED light-emitting diodes of two or three colors.

2. According to the light emitting diode doped or not doped with scattering agent, colored or colorless, the above-mentioned light-emitting diodes of various colors can be divided into four types: colored and transparent, colorless and transparent, colored scattering and colorless scattering. Scattering light-emitting diodes are used as indicator lights.

3. According to the range and angle of dispersion, it can be divided into the following types:

(1) High directivity. Generally, it is a pointed epoxy package, or a package with a metal reflective cavity, and no scattering agent is added. The half-value angle is 5°-20° or less. The rectifier bridge has high directivity and can be used as a local lighting source, or combined with a light detector to form an automatic detection system.

(2) Standard type. Usually used as indicator light, its half-value angle is 20°~45°.

(3) Scattering type. This is an indicator light with a larger viewing angle, the half-value angle is 45° to 90° or more, and the amount of scattering agent is larger.

4. According to the luminous intensity, it is divided into ordinary brightness LED (luminous intensity 100mcd); the luminous intensity between 10-100mcd is called high-brightness light-emitting diode.

5. According to the current points, it is divided into general SMD diodes. The working current is from ten mA to tens of mA, while the working current of low current LED is below 2 mA (the brightness is the same as that of ordinary light-emitting tubes)

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