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Four common problems in inductor applications

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-03-14 08:17:47

In the actual application of inductor, unexpected situations sometimes occur, so the inductor in actual application have to pay attention to this:

1. The temperature is too high

The inductor is hot during the whole process of work, causing all normal conditions when the temperature rises. If the temperature is too high, the transformer core and magnetic coil are very likely to change inductance due to temperature. Therefore, pay special attention to the operating temperature of the inductor and the use of inductor with appropriate specifications and models.

2. Magnetic field interference

Inductor are in operation because of the current flow of goods, causing magnetic fields around them. The placement of other components should be as close as possible to the inductor or at an angle with the inductor coil to reduce interference. If the requirement is higher, an inductor with a shield can be used instead.

3. Contact resistance

In the middle of each layer of the inductor, the capacity will be spread, which can lead to dual-loop power supply for high-frequency data signals and reduce the actual filtering effect of the inductor. Therefore, you need to pay attention when using the inductor to carry out high-frequency filtering.

4. Accurate measurement of inductance value

When measuring the inductance value and Q accurately with the dashboard, the detection lead should be as close as possible to the inductor, and the statistical data should be accurate.

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