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【SMD resistor】Used for video walkie-talkies-loyal to quality

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-19 11:44:04

I believe everyone knows the intelligent video walkie-talkie, but many families have not yet applied it. The electronic components we produce 

are used in the equipment: SMD resistor. Video intercom is actually a very intimate choice in life.

Why? Let's talk about it next.

The big data intelligent system is based on the cloud intercom APP. Users can conduct remote conversations and unlock via mobile phones, and 

can also unlock via QR code swiping cards and random passwords, bringing people a convenient visual intercom life.

In terms of technological innovation, the high-quality SMD resistor used in the product have greatly improved the performance of face 

recognition video walkie-talkies. There is no need to perform various actions whether it is face registration or face sweeping to open the 


It is widely used in the industry, and its performance is stable and reliable.

The face recognition video walkie-talkie is a model of the combination of inspirational design and intelligent electronic components. In the 

overall presentation, whether it is visual or functional use, most suitable users have good feedback.


It is best to choose the SMD resistor produced by regular manufacturers, the old brand of Pingshang Technology, and focus on resistor 

production for more than ten years

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