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What is the role of solid electrolytic capacitor?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-12-24 16:12:50

The biggest function of solid-state patch electrolytic capacitor is firstly stability and secondly explosion-proof.


     Since the solid-state SMD electrolytic capacitor uses conductive polymer products as the dielectric material, this material will not interact with alumina, and will not explode after being energized; at the same time, it is solid, so naturally there is no thermal expansion. The situation burst.

     Solid-state SMD electrolytic capacitor have excellent characteristics such as environmental protection, low impedance, high and low temperature stability, high ripple resistance and high reliability, and are currently the highest-end products in electrolytic capacitor products.

     Since the characteristics of solid-state SMD  electrolytic capacitor are far better than those of liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, solid-state SMD electrolytic capacitor have a temperature resistance of 260 degrees, and have good electrical conductivity, frequency characteristics and life. They are suitable for low voltage and high current applications, mainly used in Digital products such as thin DVDs, projectors and industrial computers have also been widely used by computer board products in recent years.

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