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What are the common types of SMD inductor?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-08-05 08:34:24

What are the more common types of SMD inductor? There are four common types of inductor. Of course, I would like to draw your attention here. With the continuous progress of inductor production technology and craftsmanship, and in recent years, there are still many manufacturers in continuous innovation. So in addition to these four basic types, there may be other types of inductor. These types may also be more common in certain fields. The following is just to introduce some common ones currently being produced by manufacturers in large quantities. The type of inductor, and this type of inductor is also used in our daily life.

The first common type is the winding type

The characteristic of this kind of inductance is that it has a very high accuracy, and the amount of current that can be allowed to pass in actual use can reach a large state. In the production of this kind of inductor, the production cost is relatively low, and then the whole production process is relatively simple, so the cost of use also decreases. Now the use of this kind of inductor is more common in some high-frequency circuits. of.

The second common type is laminated type

Its biggest feature is that it has relatively good mechanical strength, but the cost of this kind of pole is relatively high when it is produced, and it is generally used in some circuits that require relatively high safety and reliability. Another important characteristic of this kind of inductor is that its ability to withstand temperature and anti-interference ability is relatively good, and then the size can be made relatively small, so the use of this kind of inductor is generally for the miniaturization of the circuit system. Some societies requested.

The third type of inductor is a thin film SMD .

The biggest feature of this kind of inductance is that it has very high accuracy. When it is running, its stability is particularly good. Then the size can be made relatively small in all aspects. At the same time, this kind of inductance has a relatively strong ability to resist magnetic field interference. Therefore, in the circuits in the space where there is a magnetic field distribution around, this kind of inductor is more used, the SMD  inductor.

The fourth common type is woven

This kind of inductance is often relatively large in size, and then in actual use, you will find that this kind of inductance can reach a relatively large power. Therefore, this kind of inductance will be used more in circuit systems with higher power requirements. What kind of inductance should be selected according to the actual production requirements of the product.

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