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Main models and applications of rectifier diode

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-08-07 08:46:55

In our daily work and life, how can we turn alternating current into direct current? In fact, this problem is very simple, you need a rectifier circuit, as shown in Figure 5-10. In the rectifier circuit, the most critical component is the diode, which uses the unidirectional conductivity of the diode to convert the alternating current into a pulsating direct current. We call this process rectification, and the diode with rectification function is called rectifier diode.

The function of the rectifier diode is to convert alternating current into direct current.

Rectifier diode generally use silicon or germanium material surface contact diode, which are characterized by low operating frequency, large forward current allowed, high reverse breakdown voltage, and high allowable operating temperature.

The models of domestically made rectifier diode include 2DZ series. Common imported rectifier diode include 1N series and so on.

Rectifier diode are not only divided into silicon tubes and germanium tubes, but also divided into low frequency and high frequency, high power and small (medium) power. Silicon tubes have good temperature characteristics and pressure resistance, so they are far more used in current electronic devices than germanium tubes. When choosing a rectifier diode, if there is no special need, it is generally appropriate to choose a silicon rectifier diode.

In recent years, 1N series diode have been widely used in various electronic products. The outstanding features of this type of tube are small size, low price and excellent performance.

The rectifier diode packages often supplied by Pingshang Technology mainly include SMA (DO-214AC), SMB (DO-214AA), and SMC (DO-214AB). For product specifications, please call+86 4000035559

Commonly used rectifier diode models: IN4001—IN4007 SS12 SS14 SS16 SS24 SS26 SS34 SS36 SS54 SS110 SS210 SS310 SS320 SS510, etc.

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