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Must read! Explanation of high-voltage SMD capacitor for intelligent control sockets .

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-08 19:04:47

Understanding technology products is conducive to my use in life. High-voltage SMD capacitor are now more common products in the electronics . industry, and there will be greater development momentum in the future. So next, let’s talk about the types of high-voltage SMD capacitor. and application.

1. NPO

Working in an unstable environment, it will not be affected by temperature and voltage, and the performance is relatively stable. And the loss is also a low material. It can be used in high frequency and UHF.


2. X7R

It is a ferroelectric capacitor. Its capacity is larger than that of the NPO type, and its stability is stronger. It can be used in circuits .that require high stability such as sound insulation or side roads. The demand in the market is quite large.

3. X5R

Capacitor with larger capacity. However, the stability is relatively worse. Can be used in circuits with low stability requirements.



Material NPO.X7R.X5R.

Capacity 0.1PF-100PF-1NF-1UF-100UF

Voltage 6.3V-100V-1KV-2KV-5KV

Package 0201-0805-1206-1812-2225

The high-voltage SMD capacitor introduced above are several common types in production. I hope that the above explanation can give users some reference to choose a suitable SMD capacitor.

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