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​ What are the brands of SMD resistor?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-30 09:11:44

SMD resistor brand manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, Taiwan, and the mainland. Here is a detailed introduction to the major brands.

Japan: KOA, ROHM

Taiwan: Yageo YAGEO, TAI-I, WALSIN, LIZ, Housheng UNIOHM, PAGOODA, etc.

Mainland China: Fenghua FENGHUA, Sanhuan, etc.

The following is an introduction to the Pingshang PAGOODA SMD resistor brand, Pingshang Technology Enterprise, established in 1999, with Taiwan as the OEM base and technology center, and Hong Kong as the sales headquarters to radiate the international business market. With the high-tech electronics .

With the development of sub-materials, Pingshang Technology Co., Ltd. timely researched and developed SMD capacitor (MLCC), high-voltage SMD capacitor, high-capacity SMD capacitor, SMD resistor, SMD precision resistor, and SMD capacitor that meet the needs of international high-tech electronics.

SMD transistors, SMD inductors, magnetic beads, etc., is a large-scale electronic component distribution service provider in the private, private, state, and foreign-funded electronics industries with self-support import and export rights, based in mainland China.

The SMD resistor supplied by our company conform to rohs certification, with safe and reliable quality, sustainable supply capability, and good reputation. We are a trustworthy and cooperative supplier. Users in need are welcome to consult and leave a message.

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