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The operating environment is one of the common causes of PCB design failures

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-31 18:45:27

The influence of environment on PCB design is very common. The influence of factors such as dust, moisture, heat and physical vibration on 

PCB is reflected in the following aspects:

Dust is the bane of electronic products. Make sure that your case has the correct degree of protection (IP) and/or select components that can 

handle the expected dust levels in the operating area and/or use conformal coatings.

Humidity poses a great threat to electronic equipment. If the PCB is designed to operate in a very humid environment where the temperature 

changes rapidly, moisture will condense from the air onto the circuit. Therefore, it is important to ensure that moisture-proof methods are 

incorporated throughout the circuit board structure and before installation.

Circuit boards generate heat and are often exposed to heat during operation. Consider whether the PCB design will circulate around its 

enclosure, be exposed to sunlight and outdoor temperatures, or absorb heat from other nearby sources. Changes in temperature can also crack 

the solder joints, the base material and even the housing. If your circuit is subject to high temperatures, you may need to study through-

hole components, which usually conduct more heat than SMT.

There is a reason for sturdy electronic advertisements that people throw them on rock or concrete floors. During operation, many devices are 

subject to physical shock or vibration. You must choose cabinets, circuit boards and components based on mechanical performance to solve this 


Therefore, it is very important to design the circuit board and the chassis according to the environment in which it will operate.

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