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Small knowledge of chip capacitors-Pingshang Technology

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2019-09-24 11:27:52

Do you know about high voltage capacitor?Let's learn with the editor!

High-voltage capacitor refers to a type of capacitor consisting of a ceramic bushing, a capacitor element group and a casing. High-voltage capacitor have the characteristics of low loss and light weight.

High-voltage capacitor are mainly composed of lead-out porcelain bushings, capacitor element groups and shells. The shell is sealed and welded by thin steel plates, and the outlet porcelain sleeve is welded on the shell. The wiring terminals are led out from the outlet porcelain bushing.

In high-voltage capacitor with a voltage of 10kV and below, a fuse is connected in series on each capacitive element, which serves as the internal short-circuit protection of the capacitor. Some capacitor are equipped with discharge resistance. When the capacitor is disconnected from the grid, it can be discharged through the discharge resistance. Generally, the residual voltage of the capacitor can be reduced to below 75V after 10 minutes.

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