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SMD inductor classification-multilayer inductors (a brief description from Pingshang Technology)

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2019-10-10 14:48:46

smd inductor can be divided into wire-wound inductor and non-wire-wound inductor. Non-wire-wound inductor are also laminated inductor. In terms of appearance, there is a coil around the outside of the wound inductor, but some wound inductor are sealed with a layer of material after the coil is wound, and the coil cannot be seen from the outside. 


Both wire-wound inductor and multilayer inductor are patched, and the intuitive way to judge is that the appearance and shape of the multilayer inductor looks like a ceramic smd capacitor or a smd resistor, and it is an inductor with a multilayer structure. The size of the laminated smd inductor can be made small, the small package can achieve 1.0*0.5*0.5mm (length, width and height), and the large size can achieve 330uH, and its base material is ferrite.

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