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Important changes in the electronics industry (2)

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-12 08:57:18

This has undergone a major change. When completing different tasks, there is no need to change the hardware, and no need to make different electricity.

You only need to change the software in the memory. This is the so-called general-purpose computer. A universal meter Calculating equipment, can calculate, can process documents, can play video and audio.This is the original electronic device cannot Imagine this is a major revolution.What is its result? The hardware and software are separated, so the software is ,It emerged as a separate industry. For example, there has been a company like Apple that only designs but does not produce, and Hon Hai is a company that only produces but does not design. These two different companies will have a division of labor and collaboration between them

It is a major innovation.Japan’s electronics industry, precisely because of its rejection of this kind of innovation, was once far away in the world.

The leading Japanese electronics industry has experienced a widespread decline, and many companies have suffered losses.

The Japanese used to put electronic products .Sold all over the world, but now, electronic products have a trade deficit in Japan.

You think the electronics industry is changing very fast. If you hold it all in your own hands, the design changes and the product rises.

Level, the production line must be adjusted to match, and the cost of innovation is too high. And for a company like Apple, just It is necessary to consider the upgrading of products, and leave manufacturing problems to a foundry such as Foxconn to solve it. Pack light and innovate.

Understanding this can explain how powerful Made in China is. Chinese labor is not cheap now, even if It's very cheap, but it's cheaper than India and Africa. What are the advantages of Made in China? It is efficiency and flexibility.China’s southeast coast has gathered a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as advanced production .The combined supply chain network and the specialized division of labor of a single enterprise have reached an incredible level. A contract When business comes, China’s supply chain network can be quickly reorganized to complete it. The assignment of the contract changes, you innovate and upgrade, My reorganization happened immediately.

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