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Medical equipment

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In today's society, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, more and more modern large-scale equipment has been developed rapidly, such as: testers, fitness equipment, medical and health care equipment, etc. In particular, for electronic instruments that are in direct contact with the human body, in addition to the higher and higher requirements for the performance of the instrument itself, the consideration of human safety has also attracted more and more attention. In order to ensure the safety performance of the human body and equipment, it is particularly important to choose electronic materials. 

Therefore, how to choose high-quality electronic components used in fitness equipment and medical and health equipment products, including smd capacitor, high-voltage smd capacitor, smd resistor, smd inductor, tantalum capacitor, precision resistor, electrolytic capacitor, Zener diodes , Rectifier diodes, light-emitting diodes and other electronic components. It plays an important and decisive role in improving the performance parameters of fitness equipment and medical and health equipment products.

Medical equipment application case

Medical equipment

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