Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture

Pingshang Vision:Become a leading enterprise in China's electronics industry,and a platform of choice for customer career development.

In order to realize this vision,Pingshang Technology needs to:establish a corporate brand and become a leading company in the industry; implement fair,just and open incentive mechanisms consistently; continue to provide customers with high-quality and high-tech electronics.

We Pingshang people contact the public with sincere confidence,and provide customers with high-quality and high-tech electronic products and friendly pre-sales,mid-sales and after-sales services.

We Pingshang people use a reasonable incentive mechanism to develop together with everyone who cares about it,and provide a career platform for those who are willing to make progress.

The foundation of Pingshang Technology:Friends,growth, achievement

Friends are an asset in life and have a vital impact on the success or failure of a person's life

Growth:The reason why life is joyful is because there is growth

Achievement: life without achievement is indifferent and boring


Sales representatives and employees are partners of Pingshang Technology


Honesty is the foundation of Pingshang Technology's success, Pingshang Technology does what it says


Thanksgiving and cherishing good luck are Pingshang's important codes of conduct

Personal value

Pingshang Technology respects the individuality of everyone,and everyone will be respected, treated fairly, and fulfill their potential in Pingshang Technology's career, and have a chance of success

Personal responsibility

In the business of Pingshang Technology, everyone should do their best to achieve their goals, and they should also go all out to help the company or partners achieve common goals


In the PingShang technology business, everyone should have a clear vision for the future and concentrate resources to implement leadership strategies and achieve leadership goals

Mission-like vitality

In the PingShang technology career, everyone should have a strong desire to continuously improve themselves and win in the market. Develop together, share success

Principles of Pingshang Technology

We respect everyone, strive to be good, encourage innovation and proactive change, and be a good corporate citizen