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Heavy, semiconductor chips knowledge!

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-04-08 19:17:24

When the smart phone was just emerging, the public might have seen the term "national SoC", so what is SoC?

Generally speaking, ICs with different functions are used in a SMD. This can reduce the size and the distance between different ICs, and increase the calculation speed of the SMD. The production method is to put together different ICs during the IC design. The process of building a Lego house is like SMD manufacturing. Similarly, the wafer is the foundation and the SMD manufacturing process is stacked on top to produce IC SMD are produced, so the role of the architect is particularly important.

Application of semiconductor chips

Computer chips

If the central processing unit CPU is compared to the heart of the entire computer system, the chipset on the motherboard is the torso of the entire body. The chipset determines the functions of the motherboard, which in turn affects the performance of the entire computer system .

Mobile phone chips

Refers to chips used in mobile phone communication functions, including basebands, processors, coprocessors, processors, wireless ICs, and power management ICs. It is an important part of electronic equipment, with functions of computing and storage.


Like PCR technology, chips technology has a wide range of applications. This includes detecting gene expression.