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Can the resistor be connected directly?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-03-20 08:27:35

If the resistor is broken, it cannot be connected directly. The resistor reduces the voltage. If it is connected directly, the resistor circuit will not work normally, and the circuit may be burnt in serious cases.

How to detect resistor:

   1. Visual inspection

   The check mark is clear, the protective paint is intact, no scorching, no scars, no cracks, no corrosion, and the resistor body is in close contact with the pins. For the potentiometer, check that the shaft is flexible, tight enough, and feel comfortable. If there is a switch, check whether the switch action is normal.

   2. Multimeter testing

1. When judging whether the resistor is good or bad with a pointer multimeter, you must first select the measurement gear, and then set the magnification gear knob to the appropriate gear. Generally, resistor below 100 ohms can choose RX1 gear, 100 ohms-1K ohm resistor RX10 gears are available, RX100 gears for 1K ohm-10K ohm resistor, RX1K gears for 10K-100K ohm resistor, RX10K gears for resistor above 100K ohms.

2. After the measurement gear is selected and determined, adjust the resistor of the multimeter to 0. The method to adjust 0 is to short-circuit the metal rods of the two meter pens of the multimeter and observe whether the pointer is at the 0 position. If it is not at the 0 position, adjust the zero The knob needle points to the 0 position of the resistance scale.

3. Then connect the two test leads of the multimeter to the two ends of the resistor respectively. The needles should be on the corresponding resistor scale. If the needles are not moving and the indication is unstable or the indicated value is very different from the indicated value on the resistor , It means that the resistor has been damaged.

4. When using a digital multimeter to determine whether the resistor is good or bad, you must first adjust the multimeter's gear knob to the appropriate ohm gear. Generally, 200 ohms or less can be selected for 200 gears, and 200-2K ohms can be selected for 2K. , 2K-20K ohm can choose 20K gear, 20K-200K ohm resistor can choose 200K gear, 200K-200M ohm resistor can choose 2M ohm gear. Choose 20M for 2M-20M ohm resistor, and 200M for resistor above 20M ohms.

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