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How to identify which material the smd capacitor is?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-03-28 08:45:24

How to identify smd capacitor of different materials? The appearance recognition method of the smd capacitor is obvious, and it is more difficult to identify the same type of capacitor. The following editor will explain the method of identifying the material of the smd capacitor in detail:

Common smd capacitor are: ceramic smd capacitor, smd tantalum capacitor, smd electrolytic capacitor, smd laminated capacitor

1. Ceramic smd capacitor, the material is ceramic, the surface has a silk screen, no polarity, no manufacturer's logo, round, and the colors are blue, light yellow, wine red, yellow, orange.

2. SMD tantalum capacitor are made of tantalum, with silk screen on the surface and polarity, mainly black and yellow. The surface of tantalum capacitor generally has a silk screen line (white, yellow, etc.) to mark the positive electrode of the capacitor, and the capacitor value and working voltage are printed on the silk screen.

3. SMD electrolytic capacitor are generally cylindrical, with a silk screen on the surface and polarity. An aluminum case can be seen on the outside. The surface of a tantalum capacitor generally has a silk screen line (black) to mark the negative electrode of the capacitor, and the screen prints the capacitor value and work Voltage.

4. SMD laminated capacitor are generally rectangular or square, generally rectangular, with no silk screen on the surface, no polarity, mainly brown, gray, lavender, etc.

How to identify smd capacitor of various materials? The identification of the above four types of smd capacitor is relatively simple, and only the appearance of the smd capacitor can identify which material it belongs to.

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