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Safety of Tantalum Polymer Capacitor VS Tantalum Manganese Dioxide Capacitor

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-01 15:34:11

   The explosive power of tantalum capacitor, indeed, many anti-tank weapons are made of tantalum metal for the shells or explosively formed shells. Tank shells can be easily torn. It is conceivable that the explosive power of tantalum capacitor is not small. However, tantalum manganese dioxide capacitor can explode. Tantalum polymer capacitor cannot explode. Why?

Tantalum capacitor 3216 A type

When the capacitor encounters a reverse voltage (that is, alternating current or incorrect polarity during production) or a sudden large current, due to the rapid increase of heat, the cathode manganese dioxide will release a large amount of oxygen, and the oxygen will pass through the medium tantalum pentoxide. Cracks or gaps encounter anode tantalum, oxygen encounters tantalum and then heat up, even the thick-skinned tank will be afraid of encountering it, and then there will be a boom...

  A small graphics card will be scrapped, and a large graphics card will hurt. In the design and production, there are extremely strict requirements on the polarity and high current of the capacitor. Therefore, engineers and factories are very cautious, for fear that these guys will get into trouble.

    When a tantalum polymer capacitor encounters a voltage of opposite polarity or a huge current, the high heat will first volatilize part of the cathode polymer. Even if some polymers release oxygen, it does not matter. Other polymers will absorb oxygen and expand. This fundamentally The above prohibits oxygen from contacting tantalum powder. Without oxygen as an oxidant, there will be no explosion. It can be seen that tantalum polymer capacitor have self-healing characteristics and are extremely reliable.

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