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Demystify! The surge in smd capacitor is a rumor!

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-02 11:51:49

Recently, there have been overwhelming news about the price increase of capacitors, and news and information from various channels have emerged one after another. Even some suppliers and traders have begun to reduce shipments, further shrinking supply and raising prices.

So, where did these news come from? Whether the capacitor price has risen or how to judge the market price has become a difficult problem faced by every purchaser and trader.

Everyone knows that the raw materials of smd capacitor are relatively fixed, such as the ceramic shell, copper and silver plating and so on. Fluctuations in the price of raw materials will cause fluctuations in the cost of smd capacitor. However, the prices of copper, silver, and rare metals cannot rise or fall at the same time. They are generally in a semi-independent dynamic change. Therefore, the raw material prices of smd capacitor are relatively fixed. Large-scale price increases are generally caused by the precious metals and rare metal industries. Caused by the overall lack of supply.

Putting aside the cost of raw materials and labor, only from the perspective of the supply chain, the overall price increase of smd capacitor is impossible. Under normal circumstances, the price increase caused by the lack of stock will generally only occur for a single type of smd capacitor, and there must be an oversupply of a certain type of capacitor, and the price will fall. In addition, the brand effect will also affect the price of the industry. For example, Samsung's original capacitor of a certain model are out of stock. At this time, in order to reduce costs, the factory will choose other brands of this model, such as Sanhuan, to ensure profit margins. Of course, this is not to say that manufacturers have replaced inferior capacitor in order to cut corners. Everyone's stereotypes of domestic brands have not been eliminated. In fact, as an excellent domestic brand, the price of products is extremely high.

Therefore, in this case, when factories generally use lower-priced alternative brands for production, the average market purchase price of this type of capacitor will become lower.

Therefore, no matter it is the raw material end or the supply market, there are quite a few factors that affect the price of smd capacitor. The price increase of a certain single model may be due to lack of stock, but for a wider range of general price increases, you can check the price increase and decrease of the relevant raw materials online.

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