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How to judge the quality of smd capacitor

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-07-23 16:57:36

How should the quality of smd capacitor be judged? The quality of this product can be judged from many aspects.

For example, let’s look at the appearance first

If it is a qualified smd capacitor, then the appearance size should be the same as the size marked on the outside or the size marked on the manual and the outer packaging, but if you get a smd capacitor on hand, I find this appearance The size seems to have changed, for example, if there is a slight flaw or a slight crack, then there may be some problems with the size of the appearance, which indirectly may indicate that there are some problems with the capacitor. Secondly, look at the tin pin, if there is any tin pin Black spots, defects, cracks, unbalanced proportions of the top and bottom of the tin foot edging, etc. are bad explanations, so the quality of this can be roughly judged by the naked eye.

The following introduces other methods to judge the quality of smd capacitor:

smd capacitor are like this, and you can also look at the color. If it is a normal capacitor that leaves the factory, the appearance color is uniform, and the same batch will not appear black and gray, but if it is When you get a smd capacitor, you can observe with naked eyes that the color on the outside is already black, even a smoky color. It may indicate that there is something wrong with the capacitor, and the capacitor is in It cannot be installed during installation. It should be tested. If the test fails, it means there is a problem with the capacitor.

Another way to judge the quality of this capacitor is to use a digital bridge for testing.

This is the most common method of judgment. In fact, the detection process is also very simple, that is, directly adjust the electric bridge to the corresponding gear, and then use the bridge clamp to short-circuit all the two tin pins of the capacitor. Then observe the reading at this time, and the reading after stabilization. If the capacitance value of the reading on the instruction manual of the capacitor is consistent, or the deviation is very small and within the normal error range, then the capacitor should be no problem. .

This is the way to judge the quality of the smd capacitor. When buying this type of capacitor, you should find a regular manufacturer, because the regular manufacturer will inspect each product when producing this product to ensure that the quality of these capacitor is qualified, and the products produced by the regular manufacturer are all tested With good outer packaging handling, it can be well protected during transportation and will not be damaged due to bumps in transportation. Regular manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the capacitor they sell. If users have quality problems with these capacitor, the regular manufacturers can support replacement.

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