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What will be the market demand performance of SMD resistor in the future?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-07-29 08:34:25

SMD resistor are a kind of product with huge market demand in the future, and this product has a wide range of uses. Therefore, there are reasons to believe that the demand for this product will definitely increase in the future. For example, we know that the lighting circuit used in many lighting systems is LED lighting circuit, and this LED lighting system needs to be combined with a circuit board when controlling, then this circuit board will use a large number of resistor when it is produced. As well as other electronic components, LED lighting originally has the effect of energy saving, and energy saving is now advocated, so it is bound to make LED lighting become a trend in the future, so indirectly, the demand for this kind of resistor  will continue. magnified. Let's analyze the possible future market demand for this product.

SMD resistor may also have many other requirements in the future. For example, we know that new energy is now being promoted, and the biggest concept of new energy is electric energy. For example, we know that many cars have been made into electronic cars. If there are electronic cars, there must be a lot of circuit boards and circuit control systems. There will be a lot of resistor for control. Just this kind of resistor  can be used. And the economy is getting better and better, so different households will buy household appliances more and more frequently. These days, many household appliances have become intelligent and very high. There are very complicated circuit control systems in them. There are many circuit boards and electronic components, so this kind of resistance can also be used in the production process of these household appliances.

Industry will continue to develop and progress, so with the process of industrial progress, many places emphasize automatic control or intelligent control, and there will be many circuit boards in these areas, whether it is automated or intelligent control. These circuit boards will use this kind of resistor  when they are patching. With the above, we can know that the market demand for SMD resistor should continue to increase in the future. Therefore, there are many factories producing this kind of resistor in China. Many of these factories have their own specialized technology and have produced these resistor. Very long service life, and with good stability and heat insulation, these shopkeepers are small and green. It is very suitable for the production of various types of electronic products.

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