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The difference and function of smd inductor and chip beads

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-28 10:19:54

The role of smd inductor:

The relationship between the smd inductance and the chip beads is believed to be clear to everyone. The role of the smd inductor is that at the beginning of the circuit, when everything is still unstable, if there is a current through the smd inductor, it must produce a current Inductive current in the opposite direction, after the circuit has been running for a period of time, everything is stable and the current has not changed.

If it is changed, electromagnetic induction will not generate current. At this time, it will be stable, and there will be no sudden changes, thus ensuring the safety of the circuit, just like a waterwheel.

The resistance turns slowly, and then it gradually calms down.

The role of chip beads:


SMD beads have high resistivity and permeability, which is equivalent to a series connection of resistance and inductance, but the resistance value and inductance value change with frequency. It has better high frequency than ordinary inductors

The filter characteristics are resistive at high frequencies, so it can maintain a high impedance in a fairly wide frequency range, thereby improving the FM filtering effect, which is used on the Ethernet smd Over.

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