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SMD electronic components protect the circuit

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-28 10:12:57

In all kinds of electronic products, setting up overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection is becoming more and more important, so what is the meaning of circuit protection, let's talk to you today-chat:   (1) As the integration of circuit boards is getting higher and higher today, the price of the boards is rising with the tide, so we must strengthen protection.  (2) The working voltage of semiconductor devices and ICs has a tendency to become lower and lower, and the purpose of circuit protection is to reduce energy consumption, reduce heat generation, and extend service life. Life. (3) On-board equipment, due to the use of environmental conditions that are worse than general electronic products, the driving conditions of the car are constantly changing, and a large instantaneous peak voltage is generated when the car starts Wait. Therefore, in the power adapters of these electronic equipment supporting products, overvoltage protection components are generally used.  (4) Communication equipment and communication places have certain requirements for lightning and surge protection. The use of overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection components in these equipment becomes important. They are The key to ensuring users' personal safety and normal communication.  (5) Most of the faults in electronic products are caused by overvoltage or circuit phenomena in electronic equipment circuits. With our requirements for the quality of electronic equipment With higher and higher levels, the protection of electronic circuits has become more not to be ignored.

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