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Collaboration, consistent goals丨Pingshang Technology Elite Team Development Activity Review

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-05-27 14:10:34

Affected by the epidemic, the orders and businesses of most companies have been more or less hit and affected, but with the cooperation of the production department, business department, customer service department, administration department and other departments of our technology, we have overcome difficulties. During this period, good results were still achieved, business volume maintained steady growth, and many new cooperation customers were added.

In order to serve our front-line workers, the company also specially organized the business department and the customer service department to go to England and Germany to expand and play, in order to establish teamwork, unity and harmony, and the team spirit of mutual assistance among colleagues. In May, when the sun was supposed to be scorching hot, but during the two-day and one-night journey, there were a few heavy rains, which instantly added a bit of coolness. Our friends from Pingshang Technology completed an unforgettable two-day and one-night team development activity in the hot summer. Now let us review the scene again!

At around 8:30 on May 23, the elite team of Pingshang Technology was ready to form a group and set off. After about 3 hours' drive, I arrived at the beautiful Qingyuan town. After lunch and a short break. We braved the heat wave and came to the place where the team was built-Yingxi Fenglin. Use the entire afternoon to expand, start ice-breaking, challenge 99, Da Vinci Code, point pawns on the battlefield, and 60 seconds of rapidity. Under the guidance of the coach, our team is randomly divided into two teams for confrontation— The Wolves and the Lone Wolves. The team members brainstormed together, worked in unity, and used wisdom and sweat to successfully complete the challenge in a concerted effort. They also shared the shortcomings of the process, the passion for transcendence and the challenge. Expansion activities are short-lived, but they have left deep enlightenment to each member, understanding, trust and communication between members, teamwork, reasonable coordination, and self-surpassing. On the second day, it was a relaxing landscape tour and rafting. After finishing the rafting, we organized and set off on the spot.

Since this expansion left a great touch for our team, it also reminds me of the team consciousness in our Pingshang Technology corporate culture, so here I want to reiterate several elements of Pingshang Technology’s corporate culture.

1. Social responsibilities:

Work hard with rich creativity, giving back to society and industry, and promoting the development of human technology.

2. Team awareness:

Through self-confident, spontaneous, and self-created work, improve one's own ideological level, quality cultivation, and work ability, create a return of own social value, and enable oneself and his family to live a better life;

3. Team consciousness: collaboration and service spirit;

4. Industry positioning: serve high-quality customers with high-quality products;

5. The foundation of peace: friends, wealth, growth, achievement (respect, appreciation, tolerance, help)

6. Core principles: fairness and justice, responsibility and responsibility, solidarity and mutual assistance, care and gratitude.

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