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Precautions for the selection of SMD capacitor that manufacturers must pay attention to!

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-12-23 09:20:58

    The working voltage of the SMD capacitor must be lower than the rated voltage, and must not exceed the rated voltage. For example, when the working voltage is 12V, the optional rated voltage is 16~25V; when the working voltage is 5V, you can choose 6-10V. For example, SMD tantalum capacitor with a withstand voltage of 4~50V, 0.1~4.7uF small capacity capacitor have a rated power of 50V, and above 10uF, with a withstand voltage higher than 25V is only rarely seen. Therefore, it should be caused during circuit design. note. The capacitor accuracy and material category should be selected reasonably. On the market, the accuracy of the SMD capacitor below 103 can be up to J level (±5%); above 103, the J level is the lowest, and K level (±10%) is the majority; above 104, the accuracy is M level ( ±20%) mainly. For example, in the resonant circuit, in order to ensure stable performance, C0G class I materials and J class SMD capacitor should be used; if a 0.1PF bypass capacitor is often connected to the positive terminal of the IC power supply, class III materials can be selected. M-level precision SMD capacitor. This can not only ensure product accuracy requirements, but also reduce product costs.

    The capacity specifications (series) of the SMD capacitor with the size code of 0805 on the market are the most complete, and some hidden capacities of 0603 may be out of stock. When the production volume is not too large, in order to prevent the market from being out of stock and affecting production, we can extend it as much as possible so that it can be applied to 0603 and 0805, so as to avoid stopping production due to lack of parts. SMD capacitor are all in rolls, the model number is on the reel, and there is no mark on the SMD capacitor itself. Although the capacity can be known by the method of measurement, it is difficult to distinguish the accuracy level of the material category. Therefore, you must be careful during use, especially during manual assembly.

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