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SMD transistor can be divided into types according to their characteristics

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-12 14:07:58

     In fact, the patch transistor and the plug-in transistor are the same, but their packaging forms are different. The patch transistor will be smaller, save more space and eliminate the need for manual plug-ins. The plug-in transistor is generally packaged in TO-92, while the SMD transistor is generally packaged in SOT-23. The two of them are basically the same in magnification parameters. In terms of function, both the patch and the plug-in tertiary tube have the same purpose.

1: According to the different manufacturing materials, SMD transistor are divided into germanium tubes and silicon tubes, their characteristics are similar, and silicon tubes are less affected by temperature.

Work is more stable.

2: According to the basic internal structure of the patch transistor, it is divided into NPN type and PNP type

Two types.

3: According to the different operating frequency, it can be roughly divided into high-frequency tube and low-frequency tube.

4: According to different purposes, it is divided into amplifier tube and switch tube.

5: Different from the power, it is divided into small power tube, medium power tube and high power tube.

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