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Rated power of SMD resistor and precautions for use

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-12 14:22:47

      The senior engineer should be close to a nominal value of the calculated value in the application circuit when selecting the SMD resistor value, which should be given priority

The allowable error of SMD resistor used in general circuits is. ±5%~±10%. The resistor used in precision instruments and special circuits should replace precision resistor.

      Instead of the rated power of the SMD resistor, it must meet the requirements for the power capacity of the resistor in the application circuit. Generally, the power of the SMD resistor should not be increased or decreased at will. If the circuit requires a power type resistor, its rated power can be 1~2 times higher than the power required by the actual application circuit.

      The main electrical performance indicators of SMD resistor include nominal resistance and deviation, rated power, and maximum working voltage; the main mechanical properties refer to

Nominal size (length L, width w). The size of the SMD resistor plays a decisive role in the rated power that it can withstand, and its conductive part becomes

A secondary role.

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