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Teach you how to confirm the model of the smd capacitor

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-03-06 08:40:25

SMD capacitor are also called MLCC. How to determine the model of SMD capacitor? First of all, we have to know the brand, model, capacitance, material, voltage and accuracy of SMD capacitor. The following editor of Pingshang Technology has compiled relevant materials for your reference.

Brands are divided into: American, Nissan, Korean, Taiwanese and domestic.

American-made brands mainly include: AVX;

Nissan’s main brands are: Murata, Taiyou, TDK, Kyocera;

The major Korean brands are: Samsung, Sanhe;

The main brands produced in Taiwan are: Yageo, Huaxinke, Darfon, Heshentang, and Xinchang;

The main domestic brands are: Fenghua, Sanhuan

Size: 1005/0201/0402/0603/0805/1206/1210/1808/1812, etc.;

Material: NPO(COG)/X7R/X5R/Y5V, etc.;

Voltage: 6.3V/10V/16V/25V/50V/100V/1000V/2000V, etc.;

Capacitance: 0.1pF~100uF, etc.;

Accuracy: ±2% G, J±5%, K±10%, M±20%, etc.

The above information can basically determine the product model. Brand selection depends on the product itself.Japanese smd capacitor are more stable in quality and performance, but the price is higher, and the models are not complete. They are all customized products. Generally, what model customers need and how much quantity they need are ordered in advance. Domestically produced Fenghua 100NF has an advantage in prices, while Samsung Gaorong and Yageo have price advantages for high-capacity 10UF and above. Therefore, some high-end products generally choose Japanese Murata, Taiyou, TDK and so on. If there is no special requirement, try to choose the one that suits you.

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