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What are the matters needing attention in the use of capacitor

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-19 08:47:06

1. The larger the capacitance, the better?


Generally, the stronger the current compensation capability provided by the IC, the larger the capacitor, the larger the capacitance of the capacitor, the lower the resonance frequency, and the smaller the frequency range of the capacitor that can effectively compensate for the current. The increase in capacity makes the cost higher, and also affects The main reason for the heat dissipation effect is that the capacitor still has parasitic inductance, so the impedance of the discharge circuit is the smallest, and the effect of replenishing energy is also good. From the perspective of ensuring the ability of the capacitor to provide high-frequency current, the larger the capacitance, the better it is inevitable. Is incorrect

2. For capacitor of the same capacity, the more small capacitor in parallel, the better?

The main parameter of the capacitor is the equivalent resistance. When the voltage is fixed, the larger the capacity, the lower the ESR. This is because the ESR is related to the various parameters of the capacitor. Some people think that the more small resistors in parallel, The lower the ESR, the better the function, but one thing to consider is the impedance of the capacitor pin solder joints. Using multiple small capacitor in parallel, the effect may not be good.

3. The lower the ESR, the better the effect?

The capacity of the input capacitor is generally larger, but the requirement for ESR can be reduced. The output capacitor mainly depends on the withstand voltage. Both the withstand voltage requirement and the capacity can be slightly reduced. The ESR requirement is higher, so the current should be ensured. The throughput is sufficient. It should be noted that low ESR will cause the switching circuit to oscillate, and there will be reference values ??in the board design to avoid the complexity of the vibration elimination circuit and increase the cost

4. Good capacitor represent high quality?

   Some manufacturers and media also deliberately made this thing a selling point. In board design, the level of circuit design is the key. Just as some manufacturers can use two-phase power supply to make products that are more stable than some manufacturers use four-phase power supply, blindly using high-priced capacitor may not make good products. To measure a product, you must consider it from all angles and angles, and you must not exaggerate the role of capacitor intentionally or unintentionally

Usually the level of circuit design is the key to the board design. Some merchants and media deliberately make good capacitor represent high quality and make them a selling point. Blindly choose high-priced capacitor, which may not be appropriate. The quality of a product depends on the quality of the product. Many negative data analysis considerations, do not exaggerate the role of capacitor

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