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About switching power supply-how much do you know?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-19 08:38:08

Switching power supply:

Normally, in the case of high-frequency switching power supplies, the AC input voltage is usually boosted before entering the transformer, and 50 to 60 KHz is before the boost.

The size of components such as transformers and capacitor increases with the change of voltage, so they do not need to be as large as linear power supplies. Equipment such as PCs and VCR video recorders need such high-frequency switching power supplies.

Another point is that the high-frequency switching power supply is the abbreviation of the switching power supply we talked about. The statement has nothing to do with the power off and on.

The closed loop system is usually responsible for controlling the circuit of the switch tube. It is a better solution for the power supply of the end user's PC. The feedback signal is known from the output of the power supply, and then the transformer that can adapt to the power supply is convenient. Increase or decrease the frequency of the voltage in a certain period

 The switching power supply can automatically adjust according to the power consumption of the equipment connected to it.  In this way, the transformer and other components can take away less energy, and at the same time can reduce the heat.

Looking at it conversely, the concept of linear power supply design lies in its power, even if the load current does not require a high current, the result of this production is that when all components are not necessary to work, its load generates high heat.

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