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PINGSHANG Lead everyone to see-What are the types of smd capacitor?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-29 14:25:53

There are generally several common types of smd capacitor: NPO, X7R, Z5U, Y5V, etc., to distinguish their differences: Because of the different filling media, the subsequent performance and the like are different.

1. NPO capacitor

The medium composition of NPO is composed of some other rare oxides, rubidium, samarium, etc. Its applicable places are in tank circuit capacitor (oscillator, resonator), coupling capacitor (in high-frequency circuits), etc.

  The selectable capacity ranges of NPO capacitor are as follows:

  Package DC=50V DC=100V

  0805 0.5---1000pF 0.5---820pF

  1206 0.5---1200pF 0.5---1800pF

  1210 560---5600pF 560---2700pF

   2225 1000pF---0.033μF 1000pF---0.018μF

2.X7R capacitor

 Capacitor capacity change is non-linear. It changes with temperature and also changes according to different voltage and frequency. The performance is about 5% in ten years. X7R capacitor capacity changes can be accepted and applied in general industry, and it can be used in a consistent volume. Capacity can reach higher


The selectable capacity range of X7R capacitor is as follows:

  Package DC=50V DC=100V

  0805 330pF---0.056μF 330pF---0.012μF

  1206 1000pF---0.15μF 1000pF---0.047μF

  1210 1000pF---0.22μF 1000pF---0.1μF

  2225 0.01μF---1μF 0.01μF---0.56μF

3.Z5U capacitor

  Z5U capacitor are called "universal" ceramic monolithic capacitor. Its disadvantage is unstable capacity. The advantage lies in its small size, low equivalent series inductance and equivalent series resistance, and better frequency response, so it is widely used. Especially in the application of decoupling circuit.

The selectable capacity range of Z5U capacitor is as follows:

  Package DC=25V DC=50V

  0805 0.01μF---0.12μF 0.01μF---0.1μF

  1206 0.01μF---0.33μF 0.01μF---0.27μF

  1210 0.01μF---0.68μF 0.01μF---0.47μF

  2225 0.01μF---1μF 0.01μF---1μF


4. Y5V capacitor

 Y5V capacitor is a general-purpose capacitor that is limited by temperature change. It can reach (22% -82%) in a certain temperature range. In a smaller physical size, the high dielectric constant of 5V can be made to 4.7μF.

The selectable capacity range of Y5V capacitor is as follows:

  Package DC=25V DC=50V

  0805 0.01μF---0.39μF 0.01μF---0.1μF

  1206 0.01μF---1μF 0.01μF---0.33μF

  1210 0.1μF---1.5μF 0.01μF---0.47μF

  2225 0.68μF---2.2μF 0.68μF---1.5μF

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