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Internal notice The resistance "rises" everywhere, don't say I won't tell you! !

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-23 11:42:52

They are all talking about the production of passive components. Since February, many original passive components have been increasing in price. What is the reason behind the increase in price? Let us understand.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of electronic information technology, our digital products are updated faster. Consumer electronic products such as (tablets, smart phones, notebooks, digital cameras) are in increasing demand, resulting in passive resistance and capacitive sensing. Components are driven up and the industry continues to increase.

Passive components have no off-season.

Through data reaction, news of MLCC supply shortage continued at the beginning of the year. Nowadays, the increase of SMD resistor has spread across the whole series, and the increase of MLCC has also spread in all directions. Let relevant manufacturers show overall optimism about market demand in 2021.

According to the manufacturer, according to the current development trend, as the electronics industry gradually enters the peak season, it is worth observing whether the supply will be tighter.

The current industry trend is obviously beneficial to MLCC manufacturers under the growth of market demand. Agents will increase sales due to the tight supply of original factories. Then, whether the amount of original factories to agents will increase, this still needs to be observe     

Once the passive components are often out of stock, the supply chain channels say that due to the serious shortage and tight supply, the original factory will first take care of direct customers and large international distributors.

The reason is analyzed that the supply is stable but the demand is increasing.

According to the analysis of the current market conditions, MLCC manufacturers indicate that it is not a big tension. It should be because there has been no large-scale expansion in these years (Taiwan, Korean, and Japanese manufacturers), and the supply is relatively stable; and the demand has been increasing. Smart products have become the mainstream, and the quality is getting higher and higher, and the amount of MLCC used is also increasing. In addition (the trend of automotive electronics Internet of Things), more electronic products use MLCC twice.   

It can be concluded that no matter how stock-out and price increases in 2021 are inevitable, the majority of purchasers’ lives will be affected by the overall increase and supply gaps, and it is estimated that they will be sad.

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