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Eight principles of capacitor replacement, do you know?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-20 09:31:34

In normal applications, if there is a problem with our capacitor, the simplest solution is to use the same specification.The new capacitor of the grid is replaced. So if this capacitor is no longer produced and does not have the same specifications, what should I do ? Then, it can be solved by replacement if the following principles are followed.

1 Paper capacitor & ceramic capacitor

  For example, if paper capacitor and ceramic capacitor are to be replaced with each other, the premise is that they must be.It can be 

replaced only when the withstand voltage is the same and the volume is not limited.

2 Metallized paper capacitor & mica capacitor

   When using metallized paper capacitor to replace mica capacitor, the operating frequency and insulation resistance must be.If the demand 

is not high, the capacitor must be replaced under the condition of equal withstand voltage and capacity

3 Mica capacitor & metallized paper capacitor


  When using mica capacitor to replace metallized paper capacitor, they must be consistent in size, withstand voltage and capacitance.Under 

conditions. One aspect that needs to be considered is that the replacement cost must also be estimated.

4 Metallized paper capacitor & glass glaze capacitor

  Metalized paper capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage can be used instead of glass when the frequency effect is not 

considered.Glazed capacitor.

5 Non-sealed capacitor & sealed capacitor

   It must be a non-sealed capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage when the requirement for moisture resistance is not high.

Enough to replace the sealed capacitor, otherwise the capacitor will deteriorate due to poor sealing and moisture.

6 Replacement between capacitor of equal capacity


Capacitor with equal capacity and high withstand voltage can replace capacitor with low withstand voltage without restrictions.Small errors 

can replace large errors

7 In the case of parallel connection

  Small capacitor with different capacities can replace large capacitor when two or more different withstand voltages are connected in 

parallel Use, the withstand voltage after parallel connection is subject to the minimum withstand voltage of the capacitor

8 In the case of series connection

   Large capacitor can replace small capacitor under the condition of connecting two or more different capacitances and withstand voltages .in series, and each one in series.The voltage drop on the capacitor must be within the allowable range of the capacitor withstand voltage.


I’m here for everyone. I believe everyone knows about the replacement of capacitor. If you need to find capacitor,For specific parameters, please come to consult

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