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TDK develops ceramic smd capacitor that guarantee AC withstand voltage

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-01-26 14:24:28

    TDK Co., Ltd. has developed a TDK multilayer ceramic capacitor that can guarantee AC withstand voltage and applied voltage required for power circuits. This product optimizes the internal electrode structure to obtain excellent AC withstand voltage characteristics, which is based on the DC withstand voltage. , To ensure the AC withstand voltage characteristics. At the same time, the product has two shapes (3216 size and 3225 size) under the same rated voltage of DC 630V. The capacity range of 3216 size is 1.0nF to 15.0nF, and the capacity range of 3225 size is 22.0nF. In addition to guaranteeing continuous DC voltage, it is also necessary to guarantee AC 500Vrms-60sec, AC 600Vrms-3sec.


The main features and advantages of the product: By optimizing the electrode structure, excellent AC withstand voltage characteristics are obtained, and the temperature characteristics are X7R (temperature characteristics: temperature range: -55 degrees ~ + 125 degrees, capacitor change rate: ±15%). The main purpose is : As a DC-DC converter, AC-DC converter, etc., a noise filter at the AC withstand voltage is required. The temperature characteristics are X7R characteristics (temperature range: -55 degrees ~ + 125 degrees, capacitor change rate: ±15%). The main applications are AC-DC converters (between the secondary side frame ground) and DC-DC converters (between the 1st and 2nd times). The product will be mass-produced from July 2012.

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