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The prospects of the rectifier diode industry will be broader in the future

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-18 08:48:08

Rectifier diodes include (semiconductor diodes: germanium diodes, silicon diodes, compound diodes), etc., which are used in consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, network communications, automotive electronics, led display screens and other fields .At present, the main production of high-quality rectifier diodes is an international manufacturer, which is used in the middle and high-end fields, and state-owned enterprises can also enter the market with labor and some good resources from other aspects.


Due to the continuous transfer of international industries and the continuous growth of domestic enterprises, my country already has the largest discrete power device market, and it is still increasing. This means that my country’s rectifier diode market is highly competitive. For a relatively low market Can be described as fierce

The number of domestic rectifier diode enterprises (state-owned enterprise private enterprise joint venture (foreign-funded) enterprises) is large and the number of private enterprises is large and the output is large. In terms of the development trend of China, domestic small and private enterprises may be eliminated, and the other parts will gradually expand in scale.

The domestic output of semiconductor discretes accounts for more than half of the global output. The indispensable part of semiconductor discretes is rectifier diodes. As the market continues to popularize, the demand is expected to increase. The continuous update of the electronics industry will also obtain a new domestic industrial technology. High, when the electronics industry expands globally in the future, the output will be a major breakthrough at that time

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