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unit conversion of capacitance

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unit conversion of capacitance

103pF represents 10,000 pico-farads, the first 2 digits represent the effective value, and the third digit represents the power of 10. pF is picofarads and nF is nanofarads.

The units of capacitance are farad, millifarad, microfarad, nanofarad, and picofarad. The specific unit conversion method is:

1 farad (F) = 1000 millifarad (mF), 1 millifarad (mF) = 1000 microfarad (μF), 1 microfarad (μF) = 1000 nanofarad (nF), 1 nanofarad (nF) = 1000 pico method (pF).文章配图04

Electrolytic capacitors mainly filter out low-frequency ripples, generally from tens of Hz to 200Hz; non-polar capacitors have relatively small capacity, and common ceramic capacitors are generally used to filter out high-frequency ripples. ESL in electrolytic capacitors refers to equivalent series inductance.

Capacitance unit: Farad (F)

Capacitance refers to the amount of charge stored under a given potential difference, denoted as C, and the international unit is Farad (F).

In the International System of Units, the unit of capacitance is farad, abbreviated as method, and the symbol is F. Because the unit of farad is too large, the commonly used capacitance units are millifarads (mF), microfarads (μF), nanofarads (nF) and picofarad (pF), etc.

Its conversion method is:

1 farad (F) = 1000 millifarads (mF) = 1000000 microfarads (µF)

1 microfarad (µF) = 1000 nanofarads (nF) = 1000000 picofarads (pF)