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How to identify genuine original electronic components

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2020-07-01 08:33:07

Generally, electronic components produced by regular manufacturers are marked with information such as manufacturer, part number and production date in the blank space.

Indicate the manufacturer's individual attitude. The manufacturer directly prints the English name of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer directly prints the appearance of the manufacturer to represent the manufacturer, and the manufacturer further prints the original manufacturer where it is produced.

A small part represents the specifications and application specifications of this part. In most cases, components with the same number should be interchangeable. However, in some special occasions, a few pieces of some hardware often cause abnormal operation of the entire electronic circuit, which seems to be the reason for those who need to study for a long time. Here we will first study the electronic components with different same component numbers and we should be interchangeable. When purchasing, it should be based on the same manufacturer’s instructions as the first priority, and when the conditions are not suitable, consider alternatives.

The third number indicated above should be the production date. It is usually represented by four numbers. The first two numbers are the year of manufacture, and the last two numbers are the week of manufacture. For example, 0038 means that this number is the 38th week of production in 2000. of. After knowing the three pieces of information on that part, we may be suitable for our electronic part.

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