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What is a precision resistor?

Source: Company Dynamics Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2021-03-25 09:17:44

Resistance error, resistance thermal stability, resistor distribution parameters, and other indicators that meet certain standards are resistor.

Precision thin film resistor:

Its technological development represents precision resistance technology that can be used in a large number of commercial applications, and it is also the most popular precision resistance technology at present.

Through high-precision resistance adjustment and post-screening as well as long-term multilayer film deposition, the optimal precision thin-film resistor can reach (±2ppm/°C temperature drift ±0.01% accuracy) and maintain long-term stability.

Precision thick film resistor:

Through continuous improvement of thick film resistor paste, the most precise thick film resistor technology can achieve a temperature drift of ±5ppm/°C, and even a temperature drift of ±2ppm/°C. The highest accuracy can also reach ±0.01%. The disadvantage of thick film resistor is that it is difficult to achieve high precision and low temperature drift in the low resistance part, the noise index is not good, and the long-term stability is worse than other precision resistor.

Precision foil resistance:

The precision foil resistor was invented as early as 1962, and it is still the most precise resistance technology. Through laser etching of the resistance pattern and resistance adjustment, the accuracy of up to ±0.001% can be obtained, and the nickel-chromium alloy is pasted on the ceramic substrate. The stress balance is performed on the upper surface, and a temperature drift close to zero is obtained. The best foil resistance (antistatic, no inductance, no capacitance, no hot spot design, low noise, low voltage coefficient). The disadvantage is that the resistance is not high, and the maximum size of the SMD resistor can only be 150K.

Precision metal film resistor:

Wafer precision metal film resistor have a tendency to be replaced by SMD precision thin film resistor. The mainstream low-cost precision resistor technology is still pin precision metal film resistor. Like precision thin film resistor, trimming will cause hot spots and affect the stability of the resistor. Reliability

Precision wire wound resistor

As the earliest precision resistance technology, the temperature drift of high-precision wire wound resistor can achieve ±1ppm/°C, and the accuracy can achieve ±0.001%.

The resistance of the best precision wire wound resistor can be close to 50M, which is suitable for ultra-precision and high-resistance applications. Because of its high price and shortcomings such as inductance, the market for precision wirewound resistor is not so good.

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