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AI technology helps electric cars recharge as fast as refueling? What is the use of chip capacitors in electric vehicles?

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AI technology helps electric cars recharge as fast as refueling? What is the use of chip capacitors in electric vehicles?

In January 2019, the Canadian company GBatteries stated that the company has developed a new charging technology that can quickly charge electric vehicles just like refueling a fuel car. time battery pack.

The company says its technology works by combining existing lithium-ion batteries with a fast-charging infrastructure through a built-in adapter on the car's charging port to enable fast charging.

GBatteries has developed a special adaptive pulse algorithm, the AI detection function, which sends a constantly changing micro-pulse current through AI, sending pulses at an appropriate voltage, which can achieve fast charging in a short period of time without damaging the battery performance.

In addition, the technology has other intelligent functions. The company has set up a charging model for the original system of the existing charging station, which can not only speed up charging, but also slow down charging when appropriate.

Compared with other technologies that realize fast charging, this technology can greatly reduce the cost of car companies, because most companies currently research and develop new chemical substances or materials in order to improve the charging speed, which is very difficult. And the capital required to achieve mass production is as high as one billion US dollars.

With the development of the past few years, the current AI technology has become more and more mature, and can empower the development of the industry in many fields, just as Nissan and GBatteries above use AI technology to speed up the charging of electric vehicles. So what role does the capacitor play in it?电动汽车

A capacitor consists of a layer of insulating dielectric sandwiched between two metal electrodes. When a voltage is applied between two metal electrodes, charges are stored on the electrodes, so the capacitor is an energy storage element. Therefore, the main function in the automobile ignition system is to charge and discharge, protect the circuit system, and reduce the effect of induced electricity. .When the car ignites, protect the battery When the car ignites, the instantaneous current passing through the motor is very large, and the impact on the battery is also great. After installation, part of the instantaneous current can be provided by the capacitor.

When the speaker is turned on, the battery is protected at high frequencies, and the current required for better sound is very high.

Eliminates glitches where cd or dvd restarts on fire.

A capacitor is a storehouse of electrical energy. In the circuit, when a voltage is applied to both ends of the capacitor, the capacitor is charged and the electrical energy is stored in the capacitor; when the applied voltage is lost (or reduced), the capacitor will release the stored electrical energy. When charging, the voltage across the capacitor gradually increases until it is close to the charging voltage; when discharging, the voltage across the capacitor gradually decreases until it disappears completely. The larger the capacity of the capacitor and the larger the load resistance value, the longer it takes to charge and discharge. The characteristic that the voltage across the capacitor band cannot change abruptly can be used to undertake the filtering task.

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