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Basics of Inductors

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Basics of Inductors

The main function of the inductor: choke. Filter. Oscillation. Delay. Notch. Energy storage, etc.

Classification of inductors:

According to the installation method: patch and plug-in, they are different: the chip inductor can be attached to the PCB by a placement machine, or it can be manually soldered on the PCB with a soldering iron. The plug-in inductor is either manually welded or inserted into the circuit board first. It is then fixed on the PCB by wave soldering. From the design point of view, if the space and functions are satisfied, the SMD components are preferentially selected to reduce the product cost.

Types of inductors: color ring inductors. Power inductors. I-shaped inductors. Choke coils. SMD wire wound inductors. SMD laminated inductors. Axial inductors. Common mode inductors.文章配图26

When using the inductor, pay attention to whether it is high frequency or low frequency. In the high frequency inductor, the persistence is inductive reactance, there is heat and energy loss, and at low frequency, the energy storage has no energy loss.

Inductance value selection: For example, in the DC/DC step-down circuit, the larger the inductance value, the smaller the ripple, but considering the cost and space issues, choose to increase the frequency to reduce the inductance value, but the frequency cannot be raised too high, because That will increase the circuit loss, so generally refer to the parameter values provided by the corresponding power IC supplier to select in the design.

The nominal current of the inductor: in the design, it is generally selected according to 80% of the nominal value.

In simple terms, a chip inductor is an electronic component that can generate self-inductive electromotive force. Its characteristics are just the opposite of that of a chip capacitor. It can pass DC and resist AC, that is, DC current can pass through unhindered, while AC current will be subject to great resistance. .

The chip inductors in our inventory are complete in specifications:

A complete range of conventional models, including: SMD magnetic beads, high current SMD inductors, SMD power inductors, high frequency inductors, SMD wire wound inductors, laminated inductors, common mode inductors, shielded inductors, I-shaped inductors, etc.; Conventional inductance, rated current and other parameters are in stock.

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