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What is the role of chip capacitors in life?

Source: Industry News Editor: PingShang Click: Release time: 2022-01-14 08:36:56

What is achip capacitor

What is a SMD capacitor: SMD capacitors have the ability to store charges. In the circuit board, "passing AC, blocking DC", "passing high frequency and blocking low frequency", etc., now circuit boards and electronic products are basically inseparable. Open chip capacitors.

Nowadays, we often come into contact with chip capacitors in our lives, but there are many types of chip capacitors. I don’t know if you can distinguish them clearly, such as: chip tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, chip laminated capacitors, and chip electrolysis. Capacitors, etc., let's introduce several capacitors:

1. The role of chip capacitors: This capacitor is an ordinary type, and its material is ceramic. The appearance and appearance are relatively simple, there is no silk screen on the surface, and there is no polarity.文章配图32

2. The role of chip electrolytic capacitors: the material is electrolyte. The surface has silk screen printing and polarity. Appearance is an aluminum casing. The negative electrode of the electrolytic capacitor is represented by a black silk screen, and is marked with the capacitance value and operating voltage.

3. The function of multi-layer capacitors of sheet paper: This kind of capacitor is a common type, and its material is paper. Some components are screen printed by the manufacturer, and there are generally two shapes: oval (silver white with metallic luster) and square (brown), and the paper media layering can be seen from the side. No polarity. Sizes vary, but generally larger in size.

We can divide chip capacitors into variable capacitors and fixed capacitors. Most of the capacitors distinguished by intermediate insulating materials are directly named after the name of the insulating material. When selecting, it should be noted that some capacitors are not suitable for high-frequency circuits, and some capacitors have polarities. When connecting to the circuit, you need to pay attention to the connection method. These details must be done well.